Getting that Point of Difference

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Not only does your roof protect you from the outdoor elements, it also plays a big part in the overall look and style of your home. 30% of the exterior visual look to your home is your roof. The difference between a nice house and a beautiful house is in the detail.

Brace yourself for Winter

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The days are getting shorter and even though we are still seeing some sun, the reality is that winter is just around the corner. Now I am not trying to write a doom and gloom blog but with cooler weather set to arrive bringing rain, hail and even snow we need to be prepared.

Winter Maintenance and Repair Tips

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With winter fast approaching it is important to take the time to ensure your roof and associated components are in good condition to withstand the many different weather scenarios, heavy rain, strong winds and snow. Roofing: Any roof leaks or other problems you experience with your roof during winter can be doubly difficult to deal with, since   snowfall and [...]