The days are getting shorter and even though we are still seeing some sun, the reality is that winter is just around the corner. Now I am not trying to write a doom and gloom blog but with cooler weather set to arrive bringing rain, hail and even snow we need to be prepared.

In some parts of Canterbury, big snowfalls can be highly problematic. We need to ‘brace’ ourselves the best we can, ensuring you have enough firewood, torches, emergency supplies and stocking up on feed for the animals (and ourselves of course).

But what about the outside of your home? Heavy snowfalls can cause immense problems with your gutter system.

Let’s get our gutters ready for winter

First, we need to clear out the ‘gunk’.

Using a small plastic scoop, work yourself around your home removing leaves and other debris that has accumulated in your gutters.

You can either race up and down your ladder with a bucket or simply lay a plastic tarpaulin below for you to throw the debris onto.  But please remember to tie your ladder off at the top and the bottom, you have to keep safe.

Once you have removed all that you can, use the garden hose to wash out the gutters and downpipes checking that the water is flowing freely.

Protect those gutters

Repairing or replacing guttering can be a big job. Reduce the chances of snow damaging your gutters by getting snow straps installed.

Snow is extremely heavy and can cause considerable damage. It can take just one snow dump to ruin your whole guttering.

What are snow straps?

Snow straps are metal support straps that attach from the roof to the guttering.

They provide protection to your gutters and spouting by preventing the build-up of snow in your guttering.

With snow straps attached your gutters are less likely to buckle or break from the weight of the snow.

Can they be used on any home?

Snow straps can be securely attached to existing guttering on any home with a sloped roof.

As they are small and most often not too noticeable from the ground, they can be added to any style home including architectural homes.

Benefits of using snow straps:

  • They can be added to existing gutters
  • Your gutters will last longer
  • Supports and strengthens your gutters
  • Small and doesn’t intrude on your roof design
  • Cost effective way to prevent replacing broken guttering caused by heavy snow

Don’t leave it too late

Look to install snow straps now, before the snow arrives.

Snow straps could save your gutters from being severely broken and damaged.

Give yourself peace of mind and get those gutters ‘braced’ for winter.